by Timo Klaavo
Ari Poutiainen (PhD) is a contemporary Finnish jazz composer, violinist, and researcher. He is known for his use of rare, hybrid 5-string violas in addition to violin, his main instrument. He has performed across Europe and the USA, led various small groups and string ensembles, composed scores for films, contemporary dance and
theatre performances, and appears on approximately 30 CDs. He works as
a university lecturer of music education at the University of Helsinki. As a pedagogue, he has specialized in bowed string instrument improvisation, currently teaching the subject at the Sibelius Academy as well. He is the author of "Stringprovisation – A Fingering Strategy for Jazz Violin Improvisation" (The Finnish Musicological Society, 2009). He has also published several scholarly articles and given conference presentations on jazz violin history and improvisation. His more recent compositions and arrangements can be heard on Farther-Out trio’s CD "Tuo" (Jumituotanto, 2009), Pastor &
Poutiainen duo’s CD "North South Dial" (SLAM, 2011), and Erik
Lindström Awardees CD "Eric's Tunes" (JAPA, 2011).

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